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Jane somehow found out about Matt’s little fling with Jami and confronted him about it, baby bump and all. Later that night, she went into labor!

A few days after the wedding, Jane started feeling ill. Being the socialite she is, though, she kept on partying. It wasn’t until one of those parties where her baby bump made an appearance! That didn’t stop her, though. She kept on glomming it up, even with her huge belly. Alex was thrilled.

So they had their dream wedding at the beach, while the sun was setting, although it wasn’t as perfect as they’d dream it to be. The groom was stinky from coming directly from work, and most guests fancied a swim while they exchanged vows. They loved their tiny wedding, though.

So Alex asked Jane (Matt’s high school sweet heart) to move in before things went further with Jami, and apparently, it worked, since Matt asked her to marry him.

Once in his house, they shared a meal, and while Matthew enjoyed seconds, Jami read for a while. They spent the night together, but Matt’s mother, Alex, was far from happy.

Matthew called his childhood friend Jami for a night out in the town, it was purely platonic at first, until after a couple of drinks things started heating up. They ended up going home together. (Don’t drink and drive in real life, kids!)

Still here, you guys, and I have exciting new sims projects to share with you!

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Raija and Kai aren’t just twins. They’re also the leading experts in extreme pastry-making. Does flipping a pancake while skydiving seem difficult to you? These two wouldn’t even break a sweat. Hell, they probably wouldn’t even be remotely challenged unless said pancake-flipping-skydiving involved wrestling a bear armed with at least three chainsaws during a thunderstorm straight into the path of a violently erupting volcano. But only if they were blindfolded at the same time. Being able to see makes it way too easy.


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